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The classic design company has existed for quite some time, but the graphic communication agency isn’t quite a new creation. And while you’re searching for a creative content provider, it can be difficult to comprehend the difference between agencies that are good and those that are not. So what’s the difference between a design firm that specializes in graphic design and a web development one? The answer might surprise you. But if you think about it, the design side of any website or company’s existence is actually just as important, if not more so, than the coding.

Products and services

For example, consider the many different products and services that we use computers for every day. There are printers, video game consoles, televisions, and dozens of other electronic gadgets that make our lives easier and our lives more enjoyable. If you were to take each of these products and compare them to a typical website, you’d probably get an idea of just how essential the visual communication designer is. It’s no secret – the way that your website looks attracts customers and drives sales.

Graphics and colours

A website isn’t all about graphics and colours, though. It also needs to have good content, too. If you don’t have good content, no one will bother to visit your site. And that’s just plain old common sense. A web development firm may not specialise in graphic design, but they can provide great content for any company, big or small, by taking care of the details.

Working with?

Designers in a web development business usually work with stylists and graphic artists, as well as marketers and account reps. Many designers now work freelance, although others work with large design firms as freelancers. Freelance designers typically start out designing websites for personal interests and then branch out into other areas. Web design business plans should outline the details of each project, from the initial idea to the final product. Before you hire a design company, you need to know what they’re capable of, and what their style of work is.

Starting out

Some top-notch designers started out as interns, taking basic art courses and practicing what they learned on the weekends. Most design companies designers graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree, and some went to grad school to learn even more about design. Graduates have backgrounds in graphic arts, web development, communication design and more, and are ready to put their skills to work for you.


When hiring a web design company, keep in mind that they are just that – designers. They can only do so much, and it comes with experience, education and skill. If you want a really good, creative website, consider getting a front-end developer. Front-end developers are responsible for putting the creative ideas in your site on actual paper and turning them into a fully functioning ecommerce site. A lot of web developers specialise in one particular thing – front-end coding – which means that if you want your company to do a lot of “heavy lifting” on the backend, a front-end programmer might be the best option. Web developers are also generally more expensive than designers, but since they’re more specialised, they’ll produce better results and cost less to hire.


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