Building Blocks of a Successful Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy


Every marketing strategy starts with a plan. That’s why it’s important for you to have a strategy before you even begin your marketing campaign. Your marketing strategy is essentially the blueprint that will help your business to communicate to prospects, clients, competitors, and even the public to keep them coming back and making their purchases from your business. Here are some of the fundamental building blocks of a successful marketing strategy:

Marketing Strategy

A targeted email marketing campaign.

Targeted email marketing is an effective way to build your brand and increase your online presence. There are many different forms of targeted email marketing such as content, news letters, promotions, surveys, and more. These building blocks all fall under the larger umbrella of marketing which means that each of these individual components can be used individually or in combination to enhance the results from each other.

Brand building.

Building a brand begins with your audience and how you choose to represent yourself and your business. You want people to think of you and your brand when they think about internet marketing so you want to carefully choose the words that you use and the images that you include in your email marketing campaigns. The internet is a fast paced environment that requires quick thinking and responding to new ideas and the best way to establish your brand is to engage your audience and build a lasting impression that remains strong for years to come.

A strong internet presence.

Internet marketing strategies start with your website and the activities that you engage in on a daily basis. These activities can be short promotional videos, articles, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, and more. Having a presence is important because it allows you to reach target audiences around the world. Also, having a presence is easy to maintain and you’ll always be able to find new audiences who may be interested in what you have to offer.

An environmental scan of your company.

An environmental scan of your company can provide insight into the customer base and help you align your marketing strategies with what will benefit your customers. For example, if you are a service company, you want to be sure that you’re reaching your potential customers within the geographic area where they live. If you’re an educational organisation, you want to make sure that all of your marketing strategies focus on reaching potential students in your demographic. These kinds of considerations are more about being strategic than being prescriptive. However, an environmental audit can help you align your marketing strategies based on the goals you’ve identified for each demographic.

Listening to your audience.

Everyone has their own voice and opinion on the internet. Your strategy should be consistent with who you’re reaching out to and with the type of content you provide. While it’s important to listen to what your target audience is saying, it’s even more important that what they say reflects back on you. Listening to your audience and understanding their voice and preferences will help you build stronger and more consistent brand messaging.


What building block has worked the best for your business and why? Leave a comment below with your answer.


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