Phase 2: Aggressive Digital Marketing – Build your dream dedicated marketing team

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There are many different aspects of marketing that need to be managed and perform holistically to get the most out of your investment. 

In phase 2 we assemble a team of experts to help you with:

  • your digital marketing strategy and implementation
  • design to ensure consistency across all platforms
  • copy to get your brand communication aligned with business objectives
  • strategic marketing input


The process will take 6-12 months


R20 000ex vat, monthly billing
  • Marketing Action plan to be prepared during the 6-12 month period based on statistics and feedback from the market (Documents that grow as we get to know your business and understand the market that you are in.)
  • New and freshly designed marketing material (that is coherent with the brand)
  • Website updates to assist with lead generation (if need be)
  • A fully implemented digital marketing strategy that includes Social media and SEO services.
  • Monthly feedback report and strategy information session

How VRD Studio will help clients long-term?

  • We help test various different marketing platforms and marketing initiatives and based on results come up with a suggested marketing action plan after 6-12 months
  • Streamline marketing activities between different role players
  • Present the brand in a holistic and powerful way, without it being scattered between different designers and copywriters
  • Elevate your brand design to keep up with the high standards that clients expect

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