Top Tips for App Design That Can Help You Get Your App Off the Ground

App Design

Whether you’re a seasoned business professional, an aspiring entrepreneur, or an inexperienced non-technical startup guru, your first order of business is app design. If you’re going to launch an app, you need a good app design, and if you have a fairly limited budget to work with, that’s even more important. You owe it to yourself to invest in top-notch app design from the very start. The difference between a good app and a bad one can be the quality of user interface, the ease of use, the platform compatibility, and many other factors. There are a few different places where you can look to find the best examples of App designs.

Talk to experts

For example, you can talk to experts in the industry, like industry participants, professionals, or owners of big names in mobile apps. These people will be able to give you an insider’s perspective on what’s working right now, what’s not working right now, and what’s coming up in the near future. You’ll also find a plethora of resources online related to app design, including design companies, user experience specialists, and more.

Look at App stores

You can also look at Apple’s App Store for good app ideas and examples, and use this as a place to learn more about how developers think about and create good app designs. The App Store features hundreds of free and paid apps, so you can easily find something to suit your purposes. And because the App Store allows consumers to rate and comment on the apps they’ve downloaded (on a five star system), you can go browsing through user reviews and see exactly how well popular the particular app may be.

Talk to various designers

In addition to looking online for good app design examples, you should also consider talking to designers directly. If you live in London or Cape Town, for example, talk to designers at different businesses to get their take on what makes a good app design for a business in that city. This will help you to better understand the challenges faced by designers working on different types of apps in a variety of cities. You can also talk to people in your own industry, too. People in the fashion and electrical industries might be able to give you helpful advice on what makes for a good app design, especially if you’re considering making an app to target specific sectors or demographics.

Other industry professionals

You can also ask other professionals within your industry what they do to make the most effective apps, what obstacles they have to overcome along the way, and what they think are the best practices today. Your colleagues and peers will be happy to share their ideas with you. And if they aren’t working in the mobile app design industry but are interested in creating something interesting or useful for consumers, then you can even ask them to contribute by offering input on the app design process. Asking your peers for help in the design process is a great way of saving time and money, which are often essential when you’re working on a budget.

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Before you start the app design process, however, it’s important to draw wireframes. Wireframes let you see what your application will look like from a user’s perspective, and they give you an idea of how it will flow and work within the mobile app design workspace. Wireframes can be created using 3D software like Solid Explorer or Photoshop. They can also be drawn using a generic tool called Flash.


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