Interesting Visual Design Statistics for 2022

Interesting Visual Design Statistics for 2022


Interesting Visual Design Statistics for 2022

One of the most interesting Visual Design Statistics for 2022 is that the majority of brands will use geometric shapes. This change in trend will likely be reflected in the type of fonts used and the shapes of the visuals used. While abstract shapes have been the mainstay of graphic design for decades, this new style will feature clean lines and clearly defined shapes. Another visual design trend you’ll see in 2022 is the return of artistic doodles. These are making a comeback in marketing materials, as they give the marketing materials a playful human element. Whether you’re designing a marketing piece for a product or a brand, hand drawn illustrations will be a trend that will continue to impact your marketing efforts and keep your target audience entertained.

In the past few years, graphic design has become more visual and sophisticated.

The early nineties and early naughties were characterized by iridescent colors, neons, and crude interfaces. These days, we are seeing more colorful designs that are made to make our eyes look at them. And with all the advancements in tech and digital communication, these trends are only set to continue. By 2022, designers will continue to incorporate classic visual effects into their work.

A study by OkDork analyzed 100 million articles and found that using images in posts increased social shares by 300%.

In addition, blue has become a popular color among consumers, with 57% stating that it is their favorite color. This color is associated with reliability and trust, and most shoppers associate it with reliability. Interestingly, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Likewise, the average consumer takes twice as long to process visuals as it does to read text. While 49% of marketers agree that creating interesting visual content is essential, only 40% of them admit that producing engaging graphic content on a consistent basis is their biggest challenge.

It is clear that 2022 will be a year of symbols and bright colours.

However, this trend will be reflected in the design of both online and offline products. During the year, designers will also continue to use monochromatic colour schemes on their website. For instance, Pipers Crisps will have a colourful box, and the brand will use a bright orange logo and a yellow-green background.

It is clear that a lot of the trends that will dominate graphic design in 2022 will be fun, lighthearted, and fun.

The use of graphics to market products and services will continue to evolve as well. While the use of colorful, bright, and witty quotes has become the norm in marketing and branding, they are not always the most effective. A few notable examples of these trends include fracurbane, anti-design, and parametric patterns. These are just a few of the trends that will dominate graphic design in the coming years.

The use of bright colors will continue to be popular.

But, designers will focus on muted color schemes in 2022 as a way to add intrigue to their designs. This trend coincides with the popularity of Ukiyo-e-inspired woodblock-style designs. The bold outlines in these types of graphics have become synonymous with health and wellness. Despite the current design trends, the muted color scheme is already a popular choice in many markets.

While bright colors are a reliable attention getter, a muted color scheme will create more intrigue.

The fact that people are less likely to remember a brand’s website is another sign of the popularity of these muted color schemes. Several major brands are already adopting these color schemes, including Google, LinkedIn and Apple. Moreover, these colors are associated with health and wellness. They are therefore an excellent choice for branding.

A recent study revealed that the popularity of social media visuals in 2022 was driven by the trend of geometric patterns.

Despite its prevalence in social media, these patterns are becoming more common in social media. Those who are involved in this field of graphic design will benefit from these trends in the years to come. It’s important to know that colors can play a crucial role in creating an impact on your audience, and that your design can be a source of inspiration.

Another trend is the rise in 2022 is the use of Creative Pragmatism.

Pragmatic or problem-solving creative thinking is the type of creativity that nearly everyone uses on a daily basis. At its core, this type of creativity is still about coming up with new ideas, but it’s more free flowing, less encumbered, and very focused on solving a problem of expression or impression.

A Creative Pragmatist designer is a person who is willing to take risks and challenge herself.

They aren’t afraid to look different from the rest of the crowd, but also don’t want to be seen as an “average Joe.” They’re willing to risk their creativity in order to improve their lives and their work. They also like to challenge themselves in other ways, and they’ll never stop trying. Creativity is an essential part of being human. When we have a creative mind, we’re open to new ideas and approaches. We use our imagination to create new ideas and to make connections without any pragmatic intent. In other words, our imagination is a pragmatic trait. We use it to break the boundaries between what’s real and what’s imaginary. We allow our thoughts to jump fences and see where they land.



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