Direct Marketing Vs Indirect Marketing Leads

Direct Marketing


Leads are a great way for businesses to market to their customers. However, they are not as effective as you might think if you are not using them in the right way to give yourself the best chance at making money. Here are some things to keep in mind when using leads for your business.


Direct marketing is simply when you contacting a prospective customer directly to ask them to purchase from you.

Indirect marketing, on the other hand, is more about creating a loyal audience and general awareness that will eventually purchase from you down the line. Simply put, direct response advertising comes to you straight from your customers; you don’t have to do any work to get them. This type of marketing is often associated with cold calling or other forms of direct marketing that are seen as unethical.


Another effective way to get Leads for your business is to go to social media.

One of the main differences between social media and traditional inbound marketing methods is that most people who use social media do not even know they are getting marketing Leads from their accounts. With social media, you have the ability to reach an audience on an unknown basis-you just send them a message and invite them to “Like” your page. This is another way to create awareness about your brand as well as the benefits of using it for your business.


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direct marketing

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