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App developers understand all too well the competition of this market. After all, there are billions of mobile devices in the world and hundreds of thousands of apps being released every day. However, when it comes to making a hit with the market, many would-be entrepreneurs make the same mistakes. Rather than focus on the marketability of their offerings, they often neglect elements that can make their app appealing and worthy of being downloaded from the app stores. Throw away the unnecessary flashy elements for a moment and improve the user experience by including only those features which must always be present in your app design from the very start.


The first and foremost element you should consider is the navigation. The layout of your app, the icons, the overall theme and the color scheme all depend on how easy it is to use your app. Make sure the app design process includes an efficient navigation system. The best way to achieve this is by making sure that your app contains the right set of app elements for easy navigation. Navigation, as previously mentioned, is one of the most important app design elements that you should consider for your apps. In order to give your users a good browsing experience, you need to make sure the app design allows for fluid navigation. Not only does this give you a better user experience but it also increases the chance of your app being downloaded since users do not have to wait for long periods for items on your home screen. As such, it is crucial that app designers stick to the basic design principles when it comes to navigation.

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When it comes to wireframes for your app, you should stick to a specific set of app design guidelines. There are two important components to consider when it comes to wireframing. First, you should ensure that your wireframes support the correct device orientations. For example, if your app is going to be available on devices with round screens and you want to use orientation options, make sure your wireframes can adapt to these specific screen sizes and orientations. In addition, make sure your wireframes can handle touch gestures and are properly responsive. The second important component to consider is consistency throughout your app design wireframe. Most users will expect to see common elements in their apps. For example, they will expect to see home buttons, action buttons and other standard buttons. By providing consistent images, colours and overall layout, you ensure that users will be able to navigate through your app.

It is crucial that the wireframe that you create for your apps adhere to certain app design guidelines. For example, if your app requires the device to accept all type of payment methods, then it is essential that all possible payment methods are included in the wireframe. Likewise, if your app has different screen orientations, then the same goes for having different menu options and menu display sizes. It is vital that all of these things are included in the wireframe as otherwise, you will risk users not being able to operate your app comfortably.

The third key to designing wireframes that work effectively is to create a clear view of your business. Even though you will use coding languages such as Java and XML, you still need to make a clear view of what your app looks like so you can ensure that it is successful. By making sure that your wireframes can show a clear picture of your app, you give users a clear indication as to how to operate your app. Remember, users don’t want to open an app to find out what it looks like, so make sure your wireframe is as easy to understand as possible. For example, provide a clear image of your home button so that users can easily click on it.


To cap it all, you must test your wireframe to ensure that it achieves the goals that you had set before starting your project. As mentioned earlier, it is vital that your app reaches the market successfully to ensure that it makes money. Always measure your success by tracking how many downloads you get on your app each day, and also how many people sign up to your list. By following these keys to creating a successful app design, you will be well on your way to becoming one of the most successful apps in the App World.


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