5 Characteristics of a Good Optimised Website

optimised website

optimised website

A website must have certain characteristics in order to meet the needs of a certain type of customer. The right website design is what makes or breaks a business. Cape Town has a number of well-known businesses that can vouch for their years of success due to their site being user-friendly and search engine optimised. Here are some characteristics of a good optimised website.

5 Characteristics of a good website

Users must be able to find their way around your site with ease.

A site that is easily navigated and is able to offer detailed information about a product, service, or a feature is considered user-friendly. The navigation should be uncluttered and provide users with direct access to the required information. A site that is fully optimised for SEO purposes is also considered user-friendly.

A website must be scalable.

A page that contains numerous images and various types of media might be not scalable. This type of web content will make your site appear large and will take up a lot of disk space. To be considered scalable, a web host can provide you with a web template that allows you to add additional pages as needed without any additional charges for the service. As a rule of thumb, your images needs to be 2x in size, this means that it needs to be double the size to work on hi-definition devices. Talk to our trained designers to help you with this optimisation.

Search engines need to be able to find your website easily.

A site that is not easily found by a search engine is not a good site. If you want your website to be found on Google or Yahoo, it is imperative to make sure that your site is fully optimised. Search engine optimised content will make your site more appealing to users and increase its chance of being found during a search. It’s imperative that you make use of specialist SEO company, they will quickly show you via an assessment and personal experience how to get ranked on Google successfully.

A website should be user-friendly and functional.

If a user cannot understand what the page is about or how to use it, they will most likely navigate away from your site. A user-friendly site will make it easy for them to simply click on a link and be taken to another web page. In addition to having functional pages, the website should also be user-friendly in terms of navigation.

There should be an effective layout and navigation throughout the entire web page.

This will allow the viewer of the web page to easily move around the web page and see the information that they are interested in. In addition to the layout of the web page, the site should have effective navigation. A user should be able to easily move from one section of the site to another on the web page without having to move their mouse. The navigation and layout of the site should be easy to follow.

A website should offer lots of visible links.

A web site should contain a number of visible links that a visitor can follow from one page to another. It should have internal and external links that lead from one area of the web site to another. If a website has an internal linking system that is easy to follow, then visitors will be able to find what they are looking for more easily than if the internal linking system was not easy to follow.

A good website has quality content.

A good website will always provide visitors with quality content. If the content on the web site is of poor quality then the visitor may avoid visiting the site altogether. A visitor will not want to waste their time visiting a site if the content on the site is not of good quality. A good quality content will help a visitor to decide if the site is worth spending time on or not.

Good websites have consistent quality.

This is one of the most important characteristics of a good website. Visitors will not be willing to spend their time on a website that does not consistently provide them with quality content. Quality content will ensure visitors that the site will be informative and entertaining.

A website should contain a strong domain name.

The domain name of a website is important because it will be seen by search engines. A website should contain a strong domain name because the domain name will be attached to the address of the web site. In order for a website to register with the major search engines, the domain name should be included in the address of the web site. Search engines will index web sites that have a strong domain name.

All of these characteristics are important when it comes to making a web site. These basic web site characteristics are important to the success of the web site. If a website contains any of the characteristics listed above it is likely that the web site will have a better chance of success. A website is a tool that a business uses to reach out to its customers.


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