What Is Niche Marketing?

How it works

Niche marketing is a strategy for reaching a specific group of people or businesses with products and services that match their interests. It’s a better approach than mass marketing, which tends to be broad and vague.

How to find a niche market

To determine your niche, first define an unmet need or gap in the marketplace. This can be a difficult task, especially when you have a limited range of potential customers.

Then research your potential market to learn about their needs, interests, and demographics. This can be done on social media platforms or community forums, where people with similar interests and needs come together to share content.

What you learn about your target market can help you develop more effective offers and marketing strategies. For example, a company that offers vegan women’s sportswear could learn more about their customer base by searching on GitHub and looking at the projects they’re working on, skills they’re learning, and connections they’re making.

Having an idea of your niche market before you launch your business is essential to success. It will ensure that your product or service is suitable for your target audience and that you’re able to sell it at a reasonable price. It can also protect you from competitors who might try to steal your customers.


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