Website Maintenance


A website is very similar to owning a new puppy. It’s cute and cuddly in the beginning but soon you need to make sure the puppy is fed, taken for regular walks, and supported by a vet to ensure the puppy grows up to be a healthy companion going forward. If you just leave it alone, it will literally die within a short period of time.

Websites are very similar! It is imperative to keep a close eye on it and maintain the backend on a regular basis. Otherwise, it has a high probability of breaking when you least expect it. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • The internet is moving so fast that technology software needs to keep up with the demands.
  • WordPress the CMS backend is constantly updating itself with security updates.
  • PHP technology is also evolving at a rate of knots and this is the code base for WordPress sites.
  • The snowball effect is that Plugins have to keep up with WordPress and the PHP technology updates too.
  • The theme that is built on top of the WordPress CMS has to evolve with the constant updates that WordPress, PHP, and the plugins are doing and so the list goes on.


To have a partner that understands the technology and can look after your site for you.

What is included?

  1. Monthly site check-in’s
  2. Monthly backups to a secure cloud server
  3. Monthly updates to plugins and security upgrades
  4. 1 hours’ worth of new edits (things like new blog uploads or text edits)
  5. 1 hours worth of R and D for bug fixes (if needed)
  6. Support (24h turnaround time)
  7. Access to our custom coders or IT partners for specialised issues (quoted separately)

Some benefits of this service:

  • Someone is looking after my site
  • When it breaks someone will fix it
  • I have access to a team that can help with new updates or future development
  • I always have a backup of my site in case my site gets hacked or lost due to unforeseen events

What will this service cost me?

Prepaid Sprint

R4500ex vat
  • 10 x hours of maintenance time
  • Only use the time when you need it
  • we will notify you when the time is up and you can choose to buy more maintenance time.

Monthly Retainer

R650 p/mex vat
  • Per month billing
  • See list above to see what is included
  • You have a dedicated team that is looking after your website

What happens next?

  1. Sign our maintenance retainer
  2. We assess your website
  3. Get login details to your respective platforms
  4. Rest assured that a dedicated team is looking after your site

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