Social Media Agreements

Very simple agreements made between a business and their clients that outline their social media strategies and how they will work out best for both parties. If you are new to social media or even if you are not brand new to this industry it is important to understand your social media strategies and what these companies expect from you. Read these agreements before you engage in any social media networking campaign.

There are many different types of social media agreements. The most basic agreements entail a written contract between you and the brand or company you will be marketing with. Other agreements may also be called influencer agreements, why agreements, license agreements, or master resell rights. The terms of these agreements can be incredibly confusing and there are many clauses that are used that may make the entire project worthless. A great place to start looking for help is a social media law firm because they are specifically trained to help businesses understand their legal rights and the intricacies of these contracts.

A smart business owner understands how important it is to understand their social media agreements and how these can affect their business. If you are going to use social media platforms then it is imperative that you have a solid understanding of the different rules that apply and the rights that are given to you by every network.

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  • Strategy/Research/ Determining Avatar
  • 3x Platform Scheduling (buffer). For more than 3 accounts $15 pm extra for clients’
  • 1x customised content plan per month (inc: 1 engagement posts and 11 other)
  • 12x custom premium design posts
  • 3x premium Stock Photography included – 9x free stock included
  • Video consultation – 45min – talk about monthly content plan, performance and recommendations to implement.
  • Whatsapp group for quick communication and ideas

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