SEO Rich Blog Posts

SEO Rich Blog Posts

Just buy the product, this will include a once-off 10x blog posts. Process includes: SEO site Audit report, Intro video call, Keyword list, Topic list and post production that you or us can upload to your site. (Topical and information content writing with limited revisions allowed – content is geared towards SEO keyword and Google’s algorithm)

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Ok so the main premise is that google likes to see new content on your site all the time, and they run their algorithms through it to establish if you are an expert in this field. If they deem you an expert, then they rank you a lot better, you will also show up in more searches. Generally one would get a copy writer and write crafted articles – but this has become expensive and to be honest might never get read if it’s not geared for specific keywords that people are actually searching for.
Our service is not a crafty copywriting service, it’s a content generation machine that blasts our blogs on various topics that are related to your industry or topic of interest, we spread the topics around to give Google the sense that you understand your area of expertise which = better rankings. You can also call this an organic content strategy, but our content is topical and informative only, so you can’t really choose a tone of voice or have a very specific writing style. Our writers are focused on the info, google algorithm and speed of delivery rather than customised copywriting.
We start with 10 articles per month, we will first do an audit, and then work out a topical map with workable keywords, then we produce and publish it on your site under the blog section – monthly we will have a quick report back session to see progress. You can cancel at any time, without losing the rankings – unlike paid advertising.
To really get the best results one needs to commit for 3 months, but we can stop earlier if you feel it’s not for you. I have personally seen my rankings and impressions grow from low hundreds to over 10 000 currently using this strategy.

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