Design your mobile app


Billing is done per screen we design for you, choose the amount of screens below in the quantity section

Included in this package: (It shows what is included per screen / quantity amount)

  • Wireframes – (We will develop Black & White Wireframes Presented in a PDF or prototyped format for you)
    • 1x screens are included in this price point and 3x revision rounds are permitted (For additional screens a new quote will be supplied)
    • This is generally the first step towards having a digital idea designed and prototyped. Let us help you figure it out and start the process of getting it form your note pad to actionable frames.
  • Ui Design – (We will develop beautiful App or Desktop design screen from your wireframes.)
    • 1x screens are included in this price point and 3x revision rounds are permitted (For additional screen a new quote will be supplied)
  • Ux Consultation – (We will consult and give you guidance as to the flow and user movement of your specific app or site.)
  • Rapid Visual Prototype – (We will develop your Rapid Visual Prototype by using the Latest Prototyping software.)
    • Once you have approved your designed App or Web screens we will put it together for you, adding links and basic Ux animations.
    • 1x screens are included in this price point and 3x revision rounds are permitted (For additional screen a new quote will be supplied)
    • You will receive your own Login details and will be able to use this to share it with collaborators or potential investors.


If you are looking to design your mobile app,  you have come to the right place. We will help you to figure out wireframes and design the perfect look and feel. Finally we will package it nicely in a prototype for you.

The first step is the Wireframe that is one of the corner stone elements of any app design.

The wireframes are generally in black and white or a greyscale tone. Reason for this is that it is premature to start adding images or any form of styling at this stage. There will be a back and forth process to make sure that all the screens are correct. Once the wireframe is signed off, one can focus on making it look pretty.

User interface design

Is the part of the app that everyone sees and judges first. We find so much joy in creating unique and beautiful looking user interface design screens for clients. Our core value is to make sure that your design does not only look good, but also communicates.

Mobile app rapid prototyping 

Will give you a cost effective way to pitch to your prospective clients or investors. It’s a visual representation of the app, without having to spend thousands on minimum viable product development.

This is why you need to look no further than Pitch 2 Markets design your mobile app screen design to get your latest app design pitch ready.

Next steps:

  1. One of our Team members will contact you via email and send you a link to our online questionnaire form – fill in as much as possible and click send.
  2. Once we have reviewed your form submission we will setup a date and time to have your 30 min meeting via video call to discuss your project.
  3. Your wireframes will be the first element to be designed in Black & White screens.
  4. Once your wireframes are ready we will take your existing or newly developed Brand Guides and flesh out beautifully crafted screen designs.
  5. The screens will be loaded onto our Prototyping Tool to assist us and you to give feedback.
  6. Once approved we will add the user movement, button links and basic Ux animations.
  7. At this stage you will be ready to show your Prototype to collaborators, clients or possible investors.

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