How to Create a Good Marketing Strategy For Your Business

good marketing strategy


A Good Marketing Strategy is a very important and influential part of any business’s future success. It is really the corner stone of any business’s future growth. Your Strategy is the most important ingredient that will determine the success or failure of a company. Marketing Strategy is a powerful tool that allows an organisation to focus its limited resources on the most profitable opportunities to expand sales and reach a sustainable competitive advantage over its competitors. Without marketing strategy, companies could find themselves facing a lot of challenges in the future that they have no control over.

Marketing Strategy


Target Audience

Marketing Strategy allows companies to understand who their target audience is and to design a promotion strategy based on that. A successful Marketing Strategy will take into account the challenges a market has to offer and find the right promotion strategy to address those challenges. For example, the problems of the target audience and competitors must be carefully analyzed and decided upon. It is important for a company to know what problems it faces and how its target audience feels about those problems. By carefully analyzing these factors, a company will be able to design a proper Marketing Strategy that addresses those problems and excels in your particular industry.

Inbound and Outbound Strategies

A marketing strategy will be most effective when inbound strategies are combined with outbound strategies. Outbound and inbound strategies refer to how the message is distributed, through the various types of promotion tools available, including print, electronic, and Internet advertising. Once the message is formulated, a plan must be developed to reach that target audience. The plan should include the pricing, timing, message, distribution, and the targeting of the promotional campaigns.

Marketing Plans

Marketing plans also need to address potential customers. Potential customers are a group that an inbound marketing plan cannot directly target. Potential customers often turn away from businesses because they do not see the desired brand image, and so they do not participate in the decision making process, which is a concern for an inbound marketing strategy. In order to gain the attention of potential customers, the marketing strategy must first create credibility, by creating a brand or creating a logo that represents the business and brand identity. This process is known as brand awareness, and it is one of the key ingredients in brand building, which is what is meant by inbound marketing strategies.


Another important ingredient in a Marketing Strategy is research. Researching strategies geared towards specific target markets is essential because such markets do not always provide the same demographic statistics. It is important that the marketing strategy addresses issues specific to that target market. This research can also be accomplished by the target markets’ demographic information.

Business Goals

If the business goals are not aligned, the result could be ineffective and potentially even harmful. If there are no set goals, there is no way to measure whether or not the investment made was worthwhile. A good marketing strategy should include a set of short-term and long-term goals. This is also necessary if the business plans on staying in the industry. Without a set goal, there is no way to measure if the initial efforts were a success, which is important because a lot of businesses fail in their first year.


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