Creating Dynamic Website Pages With Dreamweaver and a Static Website


In web design, we always see that when we talk about dynamic website pages, these are very hard to manage. This is because of the many issues that usually come up when you are trying to maintain the coding and make it work. The first one is trying to maintain the code that makes these pages as dynamic as possible without it affecting the server. The second one is that when you are trying to make changes to the pages, it will always affect the server and as such, when the server goes down, so does your web design company’s website.

This has caused many problems for websites in the past.

However, with the advancement of technology, you now have the technology that will allow you to create dynamic website pages without affecting the server and this is how you can create the pages of your choice. What you will need is a software known as Dreamweaver and as long as you know how to use it, you can go about creating your own dynamic website pages and this can do away with those web design companies that cannot design something that can adapt to various types of environment. There are different things that you need to know about this.

First off, you need to make sure that you understand the code that you are using.

Make sure that you understand how it works before you try to modify anything and this is important. If you end up changing the code, you run the risk of having the pages become unusable as there is no place for the modification to go. You can try downloading the latest version of Dreamweaver and make sure that you understand how to install it and if you run into any problems, then you need to get in touch with the technical support at Dreamweaver.

Next, you need to understand how the Dreamweaver pages interact with each other.

You need to have a clear understanding of how each of the pages can be modified while they are open and also how they can be closed. This is a very important part of the process and without this understanding, you will find it difficult to make any changes to the pages or even view the pages when you are offline. You will find that the Dreamweaver pages are not separate entities but are actually one entity working together in order to display the information that you are trying to present to the public. You will find that this will make Dreamweaver very easy for you to use and you will not be afraid of making any modifications.

One thing that many people do not realise is that you can easily combine a static website pages and a dynamic website pages so that you can create a custom website that is made specifically to your needs.

The process is actually quite simple and anyone who has basic Dreamweaver knowledge can do it in a matter of minutes. However, if you do not have knowledge of Dreamweaver and are interested in using the static website pages in order to build a custom site, you may want to contact a technical support company so that you can get some help getting your pages ready for production.


Another advantage that you will find when you use a combination of both Dreamweaver pages and a static website pages is that you will be able to create a better user experience for your customers.

Without the dynamic content on the pages, your customers will get frustrated because they will not be able to view the information that they need. When you have a combination of Dreamweaver pages and static web pages, you will be able to give your customers the information that they need so that they can complete transactions on your site. This will improve the way that you market your company as well as provide the information that your customers are looking for in order to make the right decision for their business.


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