Corporate Identity Development Questions

See our process and what to expect going forward:

  1. We will produce 4 polished design concepts with micro explanations.
  2. You as client will be required to choose one of the 4 options or a combination of the 4.
  3. We give 4 hours of revision time included in the project – so you can make any changes up to 4 hours of design time.
  4. If more hours is required to complete your revision or concept we will communicate with you as client first and await confirmation. You as client can purchase an additional revision sprint of 2 more design hours. This can continue till the project is completed.
  5. Once the design is approved we will continue with the brand kit
    1. This is just a summary doc of the colour, font and basic style guide info – you will need this for further marketing material – as a guide to other creative teams.
  6. We will then export the logo files for you in all the popular formats:
    1. PDF
    2. Png
    3. Jpg
    4. svg
    5. Eps

Some FAQ’s

  • What if I don’t like any of the designs?
    • This can be due to a few elements: Either we as design team don’t have enough info or don’t understand the clients exact needs
    • The client does not really know what they want, but would want to see concepts till something sticks with them
  • Solution
    • we use the 4 hours of revision time to redo a new version
    • we need to gather more info from client to find out where the miss communication came in
    • if the client just wants more concepts we might have to add an additional revision sprints till we get to the final product