Buying the lifetime license:

Why do I need to buy this now?

  • Previously the platform we used to build your website with, allowed us to use a developer’s license. But since COVID-19 hit and the digital explosion of millions of users using online services more and more, it has created more online security risks, hence the higher cost to maintain these services. The platform has informed us that they from this month only allow individual licenses – to receive the latest security and updates. It is essential to update your website at least once a month, and without this new license it will not push any new updates to the site. Which means that your website will still work, but will be at risk of being hacked or breaking over time. Which it will if you don’t do regular updates.


  1. The options are Do it your self – see below how to guide
  2. Buy the license yourself but get us to update it for you and also update the rest of your site to the latest versions – cost R450
  3. Or get us to do everything for you at a cost of R1400 once off. Please respond to our mail or Click here to Send Email to confirm you want to go with this option and we will require up-front payment to purchase the license and do the updates on your site for you.


Click on the link below:

Click on the buy now button



You just need to create an account – and save the password somewhere.


Choose your preferred payment method. And click the checkout button below

Pay with card or other method.

You don’t have to Click on the download button, and please DO NOT CLICK ON THE INSTALL FOR $50 as this will break your site. You only need the license code.


Scroll back to the top of the screen, and see if you are logged in.

If not please login with the credentials you just created.

Or just click on your username and click on downloads



Then on the download button you will see the option to download the license certificate


Open it up and see the code circles in pink.

You can then either update the code yourself or ask us to do it for you.



Log into your website dashboard

Click on the Bridge Dashboard tab.


And add your purchase code in

Click register

Then go to the update link top left of the screen


And update to the core theme files.