Best way to send designers a revision request

When is this necessary?

The first few design drafts are always going to have a few revisions here and there. But the worst scenario is where the designer cant understand what the client wants to change or finds it difficult to decipher the email or phone call. Today I would like to show you how to show the designer in the most easy and efficient way what you would like them to revise on an existing design.

How NOT to give feed back to your design team πŸ™

  1. Hard to read
  2. Extra time to re-type text instead of copy and past
  3. Big chance of spelling mistakes
  4. Not 100% what relates to what

See ideal method below:

It is most likely that your design is in PDF format.

  1. Open the pdf document
  2. You will see a bunch of icons on the top middle section
  3. Click on the sticky note icon
  4. Make your comment and click the post button
  5. Click the save button
  6. and email the pdf back to the designer

You can make multiple sticky notes. Please make sure you explain in as much detail, what your expectations are in the most logical language.

The designer will see the below

and click on the yellow sticky note

The designer can then also reply and comment if there is more information they need, save and send back etc.

In this way, both parties get to eliminate any confusion and fix the designs in the most efficient manner.

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